The scope of Land Surface Analysis Satellite Applications Facility (LSA SAF) is to increase benefit from EUMETSAT Satellites (MSG and EPS) data related to:
Land-Atmosphere interaction
Biospheric Applications
The LSA SAF performs:
R&D Programs.
Operational Activities
Generation of land surface products
Archiving long time series
Dissemination to users
Show Cases:

Severe Drought in the Horn of Africa

Severe and prolonged hydrological droughts are frequent over the Greater Horn of Africa.
Since October 2016 this region has been stricken by an extreme drought that had a strong impact in vegetation conditions during the growing season being responsible by significant losses in crops and pasture productions.
The image shows the evolution of the drought impact on the Fraction of Vegetation Cover (FVC) between November 2016 and March 2017.
Areas with less vegetation cover than usual are represented in brown.
Product Families:
Wild Fires
Fire Radiative Power - PIXEL Fire Radiative Power - GRID
Fire Detection and Monitoring Fire Risk Map
Vegetation Stress
Evapotranspiration Reference Evapotranspiration
Surface Radiation Budget
Land Surface Temperature Downward Surface Shortwave Flux
Downward Surface Longwave Flux Surface Albedo
Bi-Directional Reflectance Factor Land Surface Emissivity
EPS Daily Land Surface Temperature EPS Ten Day Surface Albedo
Vegetation State
Fraction of Vegetation Cover Leaf Area Index
Fraction of Absorbed Photosynthetic Active Radiation Normalized Difference Vegetation Index
Snow Cover
Snow Cover EPS Daily Snow Cover
Internal Develop. Demo. Pre-Operat. Operat.
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