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New 15-minute total and diffuse downward surface shortwave flux over MSG disk

Importance of diffuse component for cloudy days

MDSSFTD (LSA-207) product newly offers diffuse fraction in addition to the total downward surface shortwave flux. Both are important for understanding the climate processes at the Earth-atmosphere interface, for plant photosynthesis and carbon cycle, solar power plants applications, NWP verification, nowcasting applications…

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Shortwave Radiation from EUMETSAT’s Satellites

Products from LSA SAF and CM SAF for applications employing instantaneous data and climatological analyses

Instantaneous Downward Surface Shortwave Flux (MDSSF, LSA-201) from EUMETSAT’s LSA SAF, available every thirty minutes, is particularly important for solar radiation forecasts and is essential information for solar power plant operators. High temporal and spatial resolution of solar radiation is of great importance for advanced end users. 

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DSSF for Solar Energy and NWP Model Verification

Shortwave Radiation at the Surface (DSSF) is Important for Solar Power Plants Applications and for Verification of Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) Model Forecasts

Météo-France within LSA SAF Consortium is developing a satellite product Downward Surface Shortwave Flux (DSSF) which is operationally available every 30 minutes. The product is disseminated in Near Real Time since 2004 by EUMETCast... 

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