Auxiliary Tools

Here you can find useful tools to manipulate LSA SAF data files.


FRP Read

Python code to read the Fire Radiative Power (FRP) product.



Fortran package to manipulate LSASAF files in HDF5 format.

Illustration routines on how to convert hdf5 format to binary files and vice versa are also included.


Example script made with python and h5py to access datasets and attributes of LSA SAF files.


MSG Geolocation Routines

Native geostationary projection formulas implemented in fortran90 and python. The formulas apply to MSG-Disk, IODC-Disk and to the former LSA SAF geographical regions (Euro, NAfr, SAfr and SAme).

The routine "get_msg_col_lin" calculates the MSG pixel (column and line) within the LSA SAF pre-defined regions given a determined location (Latitude and Longitude). 

The routine "get_MSG_lat_lon" calculates the Latitude and Longitude of an MSG pixel given the column and line of an LSA SAF pre-defined region.