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Authentication Related


1.  Why does the following message appear: "You have no access to the contents of this page"?
  For accessing private pages, you must be registered and logged in on the LSA-SAF web site.
2.  I want to change my password, how can I do it?
  Please login, click in "User Profile" link, insert your old password in "Password" text field, insert your new password in "New Password" text field, insert it again in "Confirmation" text field and submit your changes by clicking "Proceed" button.
3.  How do I change my user details?
  Please login, click on the "User Profile" link, change your details and submit your changes by clicking the "Proceed" button.

Products Related


1.  Where can I find scientific information about the LSA-SAF products?
  Scientific information about each product can be found under "Products" menu and then selecting a given parameter. On the Catalogue sub menu you have also links to the products description pages where scientific documentation is available.
2.  Where can I find LSA-SAF products?
  You must select the "Get Data" Menu to have access to LSA-SAF Archived Products. Under "Get Data/Near Real Time" you find information on how to get the products in near real time.
3.  How can I get LSA-SAF archived products?
  In the "Get Data/Archived Products" menu, you must fill in the form and click on the "Proceed" button. You will be redirected to a new page where you can search for the available products (select the satellite, product, area and time range). Please be aware that from November 2015 onwards products based on SEVIRI are only available for MSG-Disk area. To check if your selection matches the products availability click the "Proceed" button. Finally, select the products and click "Add to Basket". To view your basket, select the Basket tab at the top. To start the download, click the Order tab and choose the download method.
4.  Can I see a preview image of a LSA-SAF product?
  Yes. In the Download page, after doing a search for the product you want, click on the preview link next to the search results.
5.  Can I see the generation details of LSA-SAF products?
  Yes. In the Download page, after doing a search for the product you want, click on the preview link next to the search results.
6.  How do I search for specific LSA-SAF products?
  Select "Get Data/Archived Products" from the top menu. You will be presented with a search form where you can find the products you want, filtered by product, date and geographical area.
7.  The product search results shows only 10 products, how can I see the rest?
  Click on the numbers on top of the result table to show more products. To see more than 10 results at a time, enter the number of results you want displayed on the text field on the bottom of the results table and click the "Paginate" button.
8.  How can I sort the results by a specific field (other than 'Date')?
  Just click on the header cell of the column that you want to sort.
9.  I searched for all products, why can I just see 1000 products?
  The system can only return 1000 products. If you want to see more products you must refine your search criteria.
10.  I'm on the basket page, what shall I do?
  Check that the products there are the ones you want. You can remove products by selecting them and pressing the "Remove" button. To add more products, go back to the Download tab. When done, select the Order tab to choose a dissemination method.
11.  What is the automatic dissemination?
  Automatic dissemination is when the LSA-SAF system uploads the user chosen products to its own FTP server. LSA-SAF users can then retrieve their ordered products by loging into the LSA-SAF FTP server and downloading them.
12.  How does the automatic dissemination work?
  The automatic dissemination is made to the internal LSA-SAF FTP server, to the directory shown on the Order tab. To get your products, log on to the LSA-SAF FTP server with an FTP client using the login information on the Order page and download them.
13.  What is the manual dissemination?
  Manual dissemination is when a LSA-SAF user supplies the login details to his/her own FTP server, to which the chosen products are uploaded by the LSA-SAF server. Note that this method may be constrained by bandwidth conditions and total file size.
14.  How does the manual dissemination work?
  After a LSA-SAF user provides his/hers FTP server details the LSA-SAF system will upload the chosen products to that server. However, please note: this method may be constrained by bandwidth conditions and total file size.
15.  Are there another means of dissemination?
  Yes, you can also use EUMETCAST and the EUMETSAT U-MARF interface for near-realtime dissemination.
16.  I cannot open the products because they have a .bz2 extension, what should I do?
  All products are compressed, to save storage space and network bandwidth. To decompress them you should use the bzip2 application available at http://www.bzip.org/ .
17.  What is the difference between on-line and off-line distribution?
  On-line distribution is considered to be all data disseminated in NRT (Near Real Time - EUMETCAST and SAFMIL). All other forms of distribution are considered off-line (non-NRT).

User Support Related


1.  How can I report a problem?
  Select the "Helpdesk" sub menu under the "Help&Support" Menu. Fill in the "Subject" and the "Description" fields, and press the "Send Report" button.
2.  I don't know how to determine the latitude and longitude for each pixel in the LSA-SAF images.
  The latitudes and longitudes are specified in HDF5 auxiliary files, which can be found at the "Help&Support/Auxiliary Data & Internal Products"