Tutorial on Analyzing and Plotting LSA SAF Products

Example of using Open Source Software RStudio for Land Surface Temperature Analysis


Below is a tutorial on how to order, analyze and visualize the Land surface Temperature (LST) product, including video tutorials with practical examples of data handling with RStudio. Similar work, with slightly different visualization, has been presented on the LSA SAF page in presentation: Frost Damaged Already Blooming Vegetation in Spring 2021.

Here we present video tutorials where we use LSA SAF Land Surface Temperature data (LST-004) to compute different statistics, as well as for visualizing spatial data. At the end, plots of time series are prepared for LST and ground stations’ temperature measurements. This tutorial is prepared with RStudio IDE of the R programming language.

Code and data for this tutorial available here.


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Presentation of the tutorial

  • Introduction to the tutorial
  • Overview of the tutorial
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Registration on the LSASAF website,

access and extraction of the data

  • Registration on the website
  • Accessing and ordering LST data
  • Downloading auxiliary geolocation data:
    • longitude, latitude
  • Extraction of the data
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Presentation of the directory structure and R script

for input parameters

  • Directory structure explained
  • Explained InputParametrs.R script
    • libraries
    • parameters for spatial plots
    • selected points for time series
    • selected product
    • selected timestamps
  • Explained PlotSelectedArea.R script
    • preparing LST data
    • preparing longitude and latitude matrices
    • making a raster object
    • plotting selected area with leaflet
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Presentation of R script for computing timeseries,

statistics and plotting spatial data

  • Explained Functions.R script
    • extraction, saving and plotting LST data
  • Explained PrepareData.R script
    • prepare data for spatial plots
    • prepare data for time series
  • Explained TimeSeries.R script
    • plotting time series of LST and in-situ data
  • Explained PlotSpatialLeaflet.R script
    • prepare few statistics on selected area
    • plotting statistics with leaflet