Are you a new user? Learn how to access LSA SAF data

How to find the data?

To access LSA SAF data, first register here (or login here if you have already registered). When your registration is confirmed, you may order near real time data and archived data.

All LSA SAF products can be found at new LSA SAF Product Catalogue (“Data/Catalogue”). On the left side of the page you may filter the data by family (type), status, format, mission, frequency and spatial resolution.

Near real time data

All Products (including Internal Products) are available to users through LSA SAF FTP server. Users can request this service by sending an e-mail to, indicating:

Advanced users owning an EUMETCast Client station may receive LSA SAF Operational products through the EUMETCast. Instructions on how to access data through EUMETCast are given here.

The Service Status (“User Support/Service Status”) provides an overview of the processing and dissemination status of all tasks in the operational chains. In case of at least one is not OK, the service status appears in red. Right click on the gray area with selected region (MSG/Metop-b/MSG-IODC) and then select Open Link in New tab. Here you will find which product/timeslot(s) are really failing in the processing chains. Below is a short video on it.



Archived data

Archived data from LSA SAF product can be found at Archived Products (“Data/Archived Products”). Below is a video tutorial on quick accessing archived data. Data is provided in tar files.




To access LSA SAF data records (2004-2015) go to Archived Products and select Order long time series (Operational Products & Data Records) from Ordering Method, following similar steps as in the video above. Once your data preparation is finished, you will be notified by your e-mail address.

If having any difficulties ordering the data, please contact the Helpdesk.


LSA SAF has a new applications section where showcases are presented.