LSA SAF 6th User Training Workshop
University of Reading, Reading, UK
08-10 June 2015

The 6th User Training Workshop took place in Reading, UK from 8 to 10 June 2015 at the University of Reading.

Oral Presentations


  Title Author/Presenter
  6th LSA SAF User Workshop University of Reading


  Title Author/Presenter
  The EUMETSAT Network of Satellite Application Facilities Lothar Schüller
  The EUMETSAT LSA SAF Isabel Trigo

Session 1 - Monitoring Land Surfaces from Space: Vegetation, Wild Fires and Drought

  Title Author/Presenter
  The LSA-SAF Albedo Products Grégoire Jacob
  Annual Land Cover change using MODIS time series to improve emission inventories Gerardo López-Saldaña
  A Generic Retrieval Package for Land Parameters applied to Surface Albedo Products Thomas Kaminski
  Use of Airborne Multiangle and Multispectral Data to Assess Reflectance and Albedo Products of Geostationary Satellites Said Kharbouche
  A new aerosol product based on MSG geostationary satellite observations Dominique Carrer
  LSA SAF training activities in collaboration with EUMETSAT Jose Prieto
  Current status and potential applications of the LSA SAF vegetation products Javier García-Haro
  Monitoring variation in onset, cessation and length of season using rainfall and normalised difference vegetation index in Zimbabwe Raymond Mugandani
  Exploring the potential use of vegetation related satellite products within an NWP framework Souhail Boussetta
  Overview of the Sentinel-3 Mission Performance Centre Jerome Bruniquel

Session 2 - Monitoring Land Surfaces from Space: Surface Radiation

  Title Author/Presenter
  Use of Satellite Data for Wild Fire Monitoring at INPE Alberto Setzer
  Performance evaluation of the Meteosat SEVIRI FRP-PIXEL product from the Land Surface Analysis Satellite Applications Facility Weidong Xu
  A temporal active fire detection algorithm applied to geostationary satellite observations Gareth Roberts
  Tailoring the Fire Risk Mapping product to forest managers Carlos DaCamara
  MSG Toolbox: a new tool to facilitate the use of operational LSA-SAF products Tim Jacobs

Session 3 - Evapotranspiration / Drought Monitoring

  Title Author/Presenter
  Monitoring Evapotranspiration and Drought using Thermal Remote Sensing Chris Hain
  The LSA-SAF evapotranspiration products Nicolas Ghilain
  A thermodynamic method to estimate actual evapotranspiration of a grass field resembling closely the FAO reference grass, suitable for remote sensing applications: advection-free case Henk de Bruin
  Long term global scale root zone soil moisture monitoring at ECMWF using a surface-only land data assimilation system Clement Albergel
  ESA's Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity Mission - contributing to land surface analysis Susanne Mecklenburg
  A Near-Real-Time soil moisture product from SMOS observations Nemesio Rodriguez-Fernandez
  Monitoring the state of vegetation over Slovenia using LSA SAF products Mateja Irsic Zibert
  Evaluation of observation-driven evaporation algorithms: results of the WACMOS-ET project Carlos Jimenez
  Irrigation assessment via remote sensing evapotranspiration and land surface model data Mireia Romaguera
  Advanced Biogeophysical Indices for Land Surface State Analyses and Drought Related Applications Julia Stoyanova
  Validation of MSG-2 SEVIRI Operational Evapotranspiration Product at Selected European Sites George Petropoulos

Session 4 - Land Surface Temperature

  Title Author/Presenter
  Status of Land Surface Temperature production from the JPSS Mission Yunyue Yu
  Towards a Harmonized LST Product - the problem of angular anisotropy of LST Sofia Ermida
  Suitability of Meteosat satellite data for climatological LST retrieval Anke Tetzlaff
  A simple and accurate algorithm to estimate land surface temperature from microwave satellite observations Catherine Prigent
  Radiometric in-situ measurements over European & African sites for validating LSA SAF's land surface temperature product Frank Göttsche
  Comparison of diurnal heating rate estimates derived from SEVIRI and MODIS (Terra and Aqua) for use in estimation of evaporative fraction for a case study in Amhara region, Ethiopia Nathan Forsythe
  Comparison of ECMWF model skin Temperature with SEVIRI LST Isabel Trigo
  Maximising the benefits of satellite LST within the user community: ESA DUE GlobTemperature Darren Ghent
  LSA SAF User Survey Carla Barroso

Posters Presentations

  Title Author/Presenter
  DownWelling ShortWave Radiation from MSG Geostationary Satellite for LSA SAF: accuracy assessment of the diffuse component using SIRAMix method and input aerosol load and type Jean-Louis Roujean
  Prototyping of LSA SAF AVHRR/Metop vegetation products with VEGETATION and SEVIRI data Javier García-Haro
  Algorithm development for gross primary production (GPP) in LSA-SAF Álvaro Moreno Martínez
  Prospective changes in the LSA-SAF evapotranspiration products Alirio Arboleda
  Potential for gas flare characterisation using the SEVIRI 1.6 micron channel Daniel Fisher
  Land Surface Temperature Validation Against In Situ Station Data Maria Martin
  Near-real time estimation and broadcasting of biophysical parameters from SEVIRI at the University of Valencia Jose Sobrino
  Geostationary and Polar-Orbiting Satellite-Based Global Clear-Sky Surface Skin Temperature Using a Single-Channel Algorithm With Viewing Zenith Angle Correction Benjamin Scarino
  Comparing satellite-derived and WRF-modeled Land Surface Temperatures for monitoring extremes over Iran Efthymia Pavlidou
  Algorithm improvement for correcting biases in LSA SAF FVC and LAI operational products Javier García-Haro
  Towards evapotranspiration products with increased spatial resolution Françoise Meulenberghs
  Geothermal activity assessment via remote sensing land surface temperature and simulated data Mireia Romaguera
  A new approach to fire detection by geostationary sensors based on temporal background Sofia Ermida
  Radiative forcing from fire-induced shortwave albedo change at global scale Gerardo Lopez-Saldana
  Prototype of LSA SAF Burnt Area Product Carlos DaCamara
  The WACMOS-ET LST Dataset João Paulo Martins
  Land Surface Temperature LSA SAF Operational Products Isabel Trigo