Version Date Description
0.5.1 2019/07/09 Fixed a bug on instantaneous Evapotranspiration estimations, namely on the surface vegetation characterization
0.5.1 2019/03/20  Upgrade on instantaneous Evapotranspiration algorithm: Changes on input data, with a reinforced use of satellite data. Vegetation information is provided by LSA SAF MSG LAI and FVC updated on a daily basis. Soil moisture information is derived from two complementary sources: H SAF SM-DAS-2  and LSA SAF MSG LST products.
0.5.1 2019/05/13 Changes on global metadata: Updated processing level attribute
0.5.0 2019/03/20 Product based on MET v5.0.3.
0.5.0 2017/07/20 Spatial and temporal resolution of forecasted atmospheric input data upgraded: from 0.25X0.25 to 0.125X0.125 deg and from 3-hour to 1-hour forecast steps.
0.5.0 2016/07/06 Fix a bug on the missing value attribute
0.4.6 2015/11/30 Corrected georeferencing attributes (COFF and LOFF)
0.4.6 2015/11/11 Adapted to a new MSG system: Product generated in a single region: MSG-Disk.
0.4.1 2011/11/14 Change name of the main dataset layers from DMET to ET.
0.4 2010/12/12 First operational version.Scaling factor corrected.
0.3 2010/07/14 Pre-operational version