Version Date Description
5.0.3 2019/07/09 Fixed a bug on instantaneous Evapotranspiration estimations, namely on the surface vegetation characterization
5.0.3 2019/03/20 10:30 Upgrade on Evapotranspiration algorithm: Changes on input data, with a reinforced use of satellite data. Vegetation information is provided by LSA SAF MSG LAI and FVC updated on a daily basis. Soil moisture information is derived from two complementary sources: H SAF SM-DAS-2  and LSA SAF MSG LST products.
4.0.8 2017/07/20/ 10:00 Spatial and temporal resolution of forecasted atmospheric input data upgraded: from 0.25X0.25 to 0.125X0.125 deg and from 3-hour to 1-hour forecast steps.
4.0.8 2016/10/12 Fix a bug on writing temporary files. Product output did not change.
4.0.7 2016/07/07 Corrected a bug on the interpolation of forecasted atmospheric input data in the coastal regions.
4.0.7 2015/11/30 10:30 Corrected georeferencing attributes (COFF and LOFF)
4.0.6 2015/11/11 09:45 Include a minor modification to properly deal with new satellite changes and to account for very low temperatures found near the poles. Adapted to the new MSG system: 1) Product generated in a single region: MSG-Disk; 2) Distribution through EUMETCast in the 4 geographical regions: NAfr, SAfr, SAme, Euro.
4.0.3 2010/04/09 11:00 Updated to 1) distinguish between sea/space pixels and non-processed pixels over land; 2)impose restrictions on ALBEDO values; 3) Correct TIME attribute; 4)Memory allocation procedure has been enhanced.
4.0.2 2010/02/08 15:00 Corrected values of the following attributes: PRODUCT_ALGORITHM_VERSION, SATELLITE, INSTRUMENT_ID
4.0.1 2009/11/23 12:30 1)Avoid negative ET values and to set missing ET values effectively to -1 instead of -10000 == ET*scaling_factor ; 2)Account for a DLSF QF value that lead to unprocessed lines in early morning and nigh.
4.0 2009/09/09 16:30 First Operational version.