Version Date Description
2.3.0 2019/07/09 09:00 Algorithm code package updated to ingest cloud mask files from both v2012 and v2016.
2.2 201707201100 Spatial and temporal resolution of forecasted atmospheric input data upgraded: from 0.25X0.25 to 0.125X0.125 deg and from 3-hour to 1-hour forecast steps.
2.2 201604261400 Correct global attributes to allow UMARF distribution.
2.0 201601131600 Minor change to support MSG4 satellite.
v0.0.0 201511111000 Reformulated software package with minor bug corrections. Adapted to the new MSG system. Change in area field of file name: MSG-Disk instead Full.
0.53 201109141000

1)The handling of the small fires correction has been updated. Added estimation of the frp grid uncertainty;

2)Global attributes updated;

3)Calculation of the GFRP error according to ATBD V2.42;

4)Fixed inconsistent value for the number of available samples in the temporal average.

B0.15 200807071500 First release of the algorithm into the Operation Chain.
B0.16 200807231200 Fixed bug: handling of empty FRP List input files.