Version Date Description
2.4.0 2019/07/09 09:00 Algorithm code package updated to ingest cloud mask files from both v2012 and v2016. 
2.3 201707201000 Spatial and temporal resolution of forecasted atmospheric input data upgraded: from 0.25X0.25 to 0.125X0.125 deg and from 3-hour to 1-hour forecast steps.
2.3 201608311615 The processing area of FRP-PIXEL has been limited to 72 degree view angle of MSG to ensure optimal performance.
2.2 201607070000 Corrected a bug on the interpolation of forecasted atmospheric input data in the coastal regions.
2.2 201604261400 Correct global attributes to allow UMARF distribution.
2.0 201601131530 Minor change to support MSG4 satellite.
v0.0.4 201512021530 Global attributes corrected in the product files distributed through EUMETCast.
v0.0.4 201511110945 1) Reformulated software package with minor bug corrections; 2) Adapted to the new MSG system; 3) Product generated in a single region: MSG-Disk; 4) Distribution through EUMETCast in the 4 geographical regions: NAfr, SAfr, SAme, Euro.
1.3 201306041445 Updated to support MSG3 satellite.
1.3 200909140845 1) Modification of the FRP estimation and implementation of a new method for the estimation of the FRP error; 2) Global and dataset attributes checked and updated as needed; 3) Storing of all error terms; 4)Bug fix for one term of the FRP error; 5)Fixed bugs on the dataset labels; 6)Correction of some attributes value to be compliant with the UMARF specifications.
B0.91 200808041545 Added feature: generation of the FRP List product in kml format to be displayed on GoogleEarth.
B0.9 200807071515 Updated to include (i) a new formulation for the atmospheric correction (ii) a new MSG radiance definition (from the old monochomatic to the effective radiance) (iii) LSA SAF Regions limits read dynamically from the data
B0.82 200805080900 Updated to handle the new Channel ID coding in the LSA SAF Pre-processing.
B0.8 200803041300 First Operational version.