Version Date Description
v8.0.2 27/04/2021 Include an extra data-layer quantifying the directional effects on LST
7.15.1 2019/08/02 Remove internal compression as requested by one user
7.15.0 2019/07/09 09:00

Fix bug on emissivity tests.


2017/07/20 10:00

Spatial and temporal resolution of forecasted atmospheric input data upgraded: from 0.25X0.25 to 0.125X0.125 deg and from 3-hour to 1-hour forecast steps.
7.14.0 2016/07/07 00:00 Corrected a bug on the interpolation of forecasted atmospheric input data in the coastal regions.
7.14.0 2016/01/13 16:00 Minor change to allow the use of MSG4 data as input.
7.13 2015/11/11 09:45 Adapted to a new MSG system: 1) Product generated in a single region: MSG-Disk; 2) Distribution through EUMETCast in the 4 geographical regions: NAfr, SAfr, SAme, Euro.
7.7 2013/07/31 10:15 Correct a bug on brightness temperatures missing values.
7.5 2013/03/07 12:15 Correct a bug on reading global attributes.
7.4 2013/02/19 14:00 Correct a bug on reading GSW coefficients from input files.
7.3 201302151430 Updated to handle MSG3 satellite.
7.2 200902171445 Processing inland waters.
7.1 200808281000 Correction on LST missing values.
7.0 200807071415 Include a new dataset with the error bars associated to the LST estimations.
6.4 200804071700 Correct global attributes. Now the attributes are dynamically read from input files.
6.2 200802140945 Updated to remove the emissivity calculations from this algorithm. The emissivity maps are now read as input files.
4.2 200710041430 Product wrongly reverted to a previous version.
5.0 200610131630 First operational version.
1.0 200601051415 Pre-operational version.