Algorithm Change Records for MDFVC, MDLAI, MDfAPAR


Version Date Description
3.0.1 20170208

Correct a bug on the QFlags related to snow/ice flagging.

Version used to create the CDRs (2004-2015). Products since 2016/01/01 has also been processed with this version.

3.0.0 201607060000 Provide a more accurate identification of the vegetation and soil components, which reduces a positive bias of FVC and LAI values for South America and South Africa regions, and also improves the consistency with other satellite based products. A new condition is added to better identify pixels with residual snow over Europe.
2.1.1 201511110000 Adapted to a new MSG system: 1) Product generated in a single region: MSG-Disk; 2) Distribution through EUMETCast in the 4 geographical regions: NAfr, SAfr, SAme, Euro.
2.1 200805060000 1) Global attributes corrected; 2) The error computation has been reformulated, in order to increase the reliability of the error bars. The current formulation is provided in the SAF/LAND/UV/VEGA_PUM/2.1; 3) Areas with low quality inputs are not processed to guarantee the reliability of the product estimates.
2.0 200609290000 First operational version (include FAPAR products).
1.1 200601030000 First operational version (include FVC & LAI products).
1.0 200501200000 Pre-operational version.