Algorithm Change Record for MTFVC, MTLAI and MTfAPAR


Version Date Description
2.0.3 201803210000

Fix bug on PRODUCT_TYPE attribute

Version used to create the CDRs (2004-2015). Products since 2016/01/05 has also been processed with this version.

2.0.2 201701250000 Correct a bug on the QFlags related to snow/ice flagging.
2.0.1 201701150000 Fixed bug on 10-daily FAPAR which was wrongly setting most of the Europe with 0 values in winter months.
2.0.0 201606250000 Provide a more accurate identification of the vegetation and soil components, which reduces a positive bias of FVC and LAI values for South America and South Africa regions, and also improves the consistency with other satellite based products. A new condition is added to better identify pixels with residual snow over Europe.
1.0.1 201510250000 Adapted to a new MSG system: Product generated in a single region: MSG-Disk.
1.0 201301050000 First operational version