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User Identification

Organization Identification
Intended Use
Acronym Product Name NO PO OCC REG NRT OL V&V
Tools  Tools
TSP  Thermal Surface Parameters
SC  Snow Cover
DSLF  Downward Surface Longwave Flux
DSSF  Downward Surface Shortwave Flux
ALBEDO  Surface Albedo 2
FDeM  Fire Detection and Monitoring
AL  Surface Albedo
SM  Soil Moisture
BRDF  Bi-Directional Reflectance Distribution Function
FVC  Fraction of Vegetation Cover
LAI  Leaf Area Index
EM  Land Surface Emissivity
FRPPIXEL  Fire Radiative Power - PIXEL
ET  Evotranspiration
EPS_LST  Land Surface Temperature
EPS_DSLF  Downward Surface Longwave Flux
LST  Land Surface Temperature
FRPGRID  Fire Radiative Power - GRID
fAPAR  Fraction of Absorbed Photosynthetic Active Radiation
AE  Aerossol
SA  Solar Angles
BRF  Bi-Directional Reflectance Factor
SC (15 min.)  Snow Cover (15 mins)
DSSF Val  Downward Surface Shortwave Flux (Validation)
ET Val  Evapotranspiration (Validation)
EPS_EM  Land Surface Emissivity
EPS_VEGA  Vegetation
MTAL  Monthly Ten Albedo
Catalog  Catalog
ENDVI  Normalized Difference Vegetation Index
CAPTION: NO: None; PO: Possible; OCC: Occasionally; REG: Regularly; NRT: Near Real Time; OL: Offline; V&V: Validation & Verification

Quality Criteria
 Availability of alternative data sources
 Horizontal resolution
 Quality Control
 Area covered
 Data accessibility
 Documentation and user support
 Long-term continuity
 Internal programming constraints
 Cost (data or link costs)
Preferred Access
 Internet FTP transfer
 Retrieval from archive (CD ROM, etc.)
Preferred Geographical Areas
 North Africa
 South Africa
 South America
Field of Activity
 Assimilation into Land models (S.V.A.T.)
 Environment Monitoring
 Assimilation into atmospheric models
 Irrigation models
Mailing List Subscription
 Yes  No