LSA SAF User Training Workshops
6th Workshop
EUMETSAT Land Surface Analysis
Satellite Applications Facility (LSA SAF)
2015 User Workshop

1st Announcement and Call for Papers

Place: University of Reading, Reading, UK
Date: 08-10 June 2015
  • LSA SAF product characteristics and performances, and expected evolutions;
  • Recent advances in remote sensing techniques relevant to terrestrial surfaces, land-atmosphere interactions, and related applications;
  • The use of multi-sensor/ multi-platform, multi-temporal approaches to maximize information over heterogeneous or rapidly changing surface types;
  • New developments ongoing or envisaged for the exploitation of current and future sensors relevant to the above;
  • Applications of land surface products: examples, opportunities, challenges and statements of needs and user requirements

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2015 LSA SAF User Workshop registration (deadline 27th April)

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5th Workshop
Place: Karlsruher Institut fur Technologie (KIT), Karlsruhe, Germany
Date: 17-19 June 2013
  • Retrieval and validation of land surface parameters from Remote Sensing Data
  • Applications of remotely sensed land surface parameters in
    • Monitoring of Vegetation and Wild Fires
    • Surface Radiation Budget
    • Water Management and Hydrology
    • Land Surface Modelling

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4th Workshop
Place: Météo-France Conference Centre, Toulouse, France
Date: 15-17 November 2010
  • Forest and Vegetation Monitoring
  • Vegetation Carbon Cycle and Fire
  • Water Fluxes and Snow
  • Earth radiation budget

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3rd Workshop
Place: IM, Lisbon
Date: 4-6 June 2008
Sesson 1 : Agriculture and forest applications
Sesson 2 : Surface carbon and water fluxes
Sesson 3 : Surface radiation budget

2nd Workshop
Place: IM, Lisbon
Date: 8-10 March 2006
1.  Current and future activities
  • Scientific validation of products
  • Archiving and dissemination (e.g. EumetCast, GTS, Internet)
  • Performance and quality control
2.  The Land SAF assets for GMES
  • Geoland
  • GEMS
3.  Interfaces with other programmes and projects
  • with National Weather Services (NWP, Climate, Extreme events)
  • within the SAF Network (e.g. OSI, Climate, Nowcasting, Hydrology)
  • with other satellite programmes (e.g. MODIS, NOAA, SMOS, VEGETATION)
  • with WMO programmes (e.g. GCOS)
4.  Applications of LSA SAF products
  • Agriculture and forestry (e.g. crops, wildfires, frost)
  • Hydrology (e.g. floods, droughts)
  • Vector diseases
  • Other
5.  Working Groups and Round Table