LSA SAF 3rd User Training Workshop
IM, Lisbon
4-6 June 2008

The 3rd LSA SAF User Training Workshop will take place in Lisbon, Portugal from 4 to 6 June 2008 at the headquarters of Instituto de Meteorologia (see map), the Portuguese National Meteorological Service.


The aim of the workshop is to gather feedback from the user community on specific applications of products disseminated by the LSA SAF. Relevant aspects include re-evaluation of product specifications and assessment of needs for new products. Potential usage of existing products in new applications will be explored.

The workshop will have presentations on applications related to agriculture and forest topics, surface carbon and water fluxes, and surface radiation budget.


The main purpose of the LSA SAF is to develop techniques to retrieve parameters related with land, land-atmosphere interactions, and biospheric applications, using data from satellites, with special emphasis on Meteosat and Metop series. The LSA SAF system currently generates and distributes on an operational basis the following products: Land Surface Temperature, Albedo, Down-welling Surface Short and Long Wave Fluxes, Snow Cover, Vegetation parameters (FVC, LAI, and fAPAR). Evaporation and a suite of Forest Fire products are currently under development.

Opening Session
 Presentations  Title  Author/Presenter
  The SAF Network Lorenzo Sarlo
  Overview of the Land SAF Pedro Viterbo
Session 1 - Agriculture and Forest Applications
 Presentations  Title  Author/Presenter

Use of LSA SAF MSG Products for Crop Monitoring A. Klisch/ H. Eerens
  LSA-SAF Estimates of Reference Crop
H. de Bruin, I. Trigo, M.
P. González Dugo, P.
Gavilan and E. Rubio
  The Land-SAF suite of Vegetation Products J. García-Haro, F.
Camacho-de-Coca, A.
Verger, J. Meliá
  Wild Fire Monitoring and Risk from SEVIRI/Meteosat C. C. Da Camara, M.
Amaroui, T. Calado, C.
  Carbon emissions from forest fires in Portugal J. C. Pereira
  Partitioning the Solar Fluxes in Land Surface Canopies
using Operational Surface Albedo Products
B. Pinty
  Recent developments in the use of EO-derived
parameters and indicators for environmental and
vegetation monitoring applications in the GMES and
Africa perspective
E. Bartholomé,
B.Combal, P. Mayaux
  UMARF and Eumetcast/Geonetcast F. Gasiglia/ M. Williams
  User Training J. Prieto
Session 2 - Surface Carbon and water fluxes
 Presentations  Title  Author/Presenter
  The LSA-SAF evapotranspiration: current results and
next steps
F. Meulenberghs
  Land Carbon core information service of geoland2 J.-C. Calvet
  Hydrology SAF - the status of the project after two
years: activities and preliminary results
R. Sorani
  Combining satellite data and land model outputs to
advance in the estimation of land surface turbulent
C. Jimenez, C. Prigent,
F. Aires
  Profile soil moisture, an operational level 4 product
based on the MetOp/Ascats surface soil moisture
R. de Lange
  New version of the LSA-SAF Snowcover product N. Siljamo, O. Hyv\0xA4rinen
  Use of Land-SAF products at ECMWF G. Balsamo
  Requirements of the UK Met Office for Land-SAF
S. Pullen
  The operational MSG/SEVIRI fire radiative power
products generated at the Land-SAF
M. Wooster / Y.
  Fire radiative power applications: emissions and plumes J. Kaiser
Session 3 - Surface radiation budget
 Presentations  Title  Author/Presenter
  Application of the optimal estimation method to the
joint retrieval of aerosol load and surface reflectance
from MSG/SEVIRI observations
Y. Govaerts
  Operational derivation of surface albedo and downwelling
short-wave radiation based on MSG
observations in the frame of the SAF programme on
Land Surface Analysis
D.Carrer, J.-L. Roujean,
O. Hautecoeur, B.Geiger,
C. Meurey
Operational retrievals of Land Surface Temperature,
Emissivity and Long-wave Downward Fluxes within the
I. F. Trigo, I. T.
Monteiro, S. C. Freitas,
C. Barroso
  Surface radiative fluxes: comparison of NWP/Climate
models/reanalysis with remote sensing estimates
R. Allan
  Global Analysis of Surface Skin Temperature Diurnal
Cycle Over Land
F. Aires, C. Prigent, C.
Jimenez, P. Broackmann
  Use of TIR-MSG data to validate land surface processes
modelisation of the AMMA-Niger supersite
S. Saux-Picart, C. Ottlé, B.
Decharme, B. Coudert, M.
Zribi, A. Perrier, B.
Cappelaere, N. Boulain, D.
  Ground observations from Dahra, Senegal for validation
of EO based monitoring of surface radiation budget,
vegetation and water fluxes
R. Fensholt, I. Sandholt,
S. Stisen, M. Rasmussen,
A. Norgaard, F. Olesen